The wellness Chalet

Tenuta Centoporte

With MASSAGE AND BEAUTY TREATMENTS Cabins and a PRIVATE SPA AREA to live in privacy their time relaxing in FULL autonomy, whether it is on your own or as a couple.
SPA PRIVATE AREA, a dedicated space that features: "SweetSpa" Cabin to use on your own or as a couple, with shower, turkish bath, emotional showers and massage treatments.

You can freely can enjoy at your convenience:
- Built in ceiling showerhead and wall handheld shower for a comfortable shower alone or later immersed in the United Nations colour bath and accompanied with your best music.
- Turkish bath with 48 °C steam and relative humidity of 98% with eucalyptus aroma.
- Emotional showers offering delicate breeze emotions, a fresh blue mint flavoured nebulisation, a summer amber passion fruit flavoured rain.
- Four wellness programs:

  • Excite program to gain your lost strength
  • Relax to abandon efforts
  • Puryf to regain a balance
  • Tonic to recharge the body
with Cosmetics to be experienced in a playful self treatment, LISTENING to music aimed to achieving the benefits with colours spreading all over and creating a perfect steam environment according to your wishes.

Design minipool to soak and rejuvenate in, hot water, with hydrosilence system for a perfect Silent water massage LISTENING to the natural sound of water or your favourite music spreading over the environment, in a special atmosphere also at night with charming and relaxing chromotherapy effects.

Relax and Tea Corner

Single or Couple Massage Area