Otranto and its splendid sea

Tenuta Centoporte

Otranto and its charming sea Otranto is particularly riched of appealing sea places.
Thinking of an ideal route from north to south, we could leave from Frassanito, known in all Europe as a popular destination for windsurf seekers.
Proceeding on the south, the long and fashinating Alimini beach stretches out (it takes the name from the two lakes) characterised by a very thin sand and a fantastic pinewood in front of the sea; in this area you will find many beach resorts where you will have fun and be provided with every service and facility without depriving yourself of a relaxing vacation in a crystalline sea place.
A bit further south we discover the Turkish Bay (docking of saracen ships during the invasion in ‘480): this is a real tropical zone with low sandy seabeds, of a blue and emerald green sea, and ochre yellow and brown rocks that seem to come out from a Cezanne painting. Discovering the bay through the pinewood paths is breathtaking.
Further more down south, the white rocks that bring you to the "grotta della monaca", magic places for trekking or outdoor seekers.
So, Otranto, with its "historic" places like the punta, the staffa, the fascio, or the "torre del serpe" reached from the port and that takes the name from the snake that blurred the senses to the vedette preventing them in warning against the saracen attack.
Towards the south you will stare at the rocky coast starting from the Baia delle Orte, natural oasis known for bird watching and distinguished by a pristine sea, ideal for immersions, and that ends in south with the lighthouse of Punta Palascia, the most eastern part of Italy.
By keeping going down south, you will suddenly find yourself as in a Scottish set: this is Sant'Emiliano, with the homonym tower on the upland overlooking the hollowed valleys.
Finally you will discover Porto Badisco, a splendid place known for its "sea urchins" important destination of Enea and where very important pre-historic remnants were found.