Towards Finisterrae

Tenuta Centoporte

Reaching Santa Maria di Leuca is always a time of introspective and spiritual research; as to get to the end of the earth, land of boundaries where two different seas reach each other in Salento.
The route that we propose goes through places of specific beauty, tied to the history and salentino traditions and with the neverending astonishing surroundings of the Adriatic sea whose view can be enjoyed along all the route from the beginning to the end.

The route starts from the Tenuta Centoporte, reaches Otranto the porta d'Oriente and Porto Badisco, land of amazing places where you can taste sea urchins opened by the local fishers. By proceeding down South, you will go throughSanta Cesarea Terme beautiful thermal place and then Castro, Roman city with a marvelous emerald green sea; further down South you will go through Andrano and Tricase and finally the beautiful Leuca, with its pretty villas embedded to the old aristocracy.

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