Towards Gallipoli speaking griko

Tenuta Centoporte

In this second route we want you to discover the marvel of the places in the hinterland of Salento that are still tied to the Hellenic culture (the dialect spoken in this area is called "grico" very similar to the ancient "Greek"). Melpignano, Castrignano, Corigliano, Calimera, are just some of the towns of this area, also known for the "Taranta" traditional folklore, where many tourists and local people come to every year, and that is usually celebrated in August in the town of Melpignano.

The route travels through the town of Maglie, a smiling shopping town centre in the middle of Salento, where you can visit fine baroque churches, then ending up in Gallipoli, ancient Roman town and important Ionian tourist central core.

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