Private boat trip to Castro

Tenuta Centoporte

This trip takes visitors to a series of caves, accessible only by sea, including the famous Zinzulusa Cave with its "Zinzuli" (a commonly used term in local dialect), stalactite concretions with the appearance of old rags, which adorn the entrance to the access area known as the Atrio. The Zinzulusa cave can be visited by sea but can also be visited by land during an excursion to the local area.
Departing from the port of Castro Marina, the first cave on the tour is the Grotta degli Innamorati (the Cave of Lovers), a small cone-shaped cave with an opening above, where fishermen brought their fiancés in order to ask for their hand in marriage. Continuing on, we visit the Grotta delle Striare (the Streaky Cave): important for the significant presence of bones that reveal the remarkable remains of prehistoric fauna. The Grotta Azzurra (The Azzure Cave) boasts the same name as Capri's most famous cave which is a destination for thousands of tourists. The Grotta Azzurra in Castro however, albeit smaller in size, offers a unique opportunity to admire the play of light that gives the sea water an intense blue hue; indeed, the visible presence throughout the day of this particular colour provides the Grotto itself with its name, among the most famous in the whole of Salento.
The tour next passes the Grotta Palombara, so-called due to the term "Palummi" in local dialect for pigeons as these birds nest in very large colonies within the cave. Inside, the vault reaches 35 meters high while the sea, in particular lighting conditions, assumes an extremely intense emerald colour. The opening to the Cave, almost in the shape of an Arabian tent, provides nesting for several species of hawk and kestrel.
After visiting the unique karstic Zinzulusa Cave, worthy of environmental protection, we head towards the Grotta Romanelli, marked as the first marine cave to reveal artistic remains dating back to the Palaeolithic age.
The excursion continues on to Porto Miggiano, one of the most beautiful coves in Salento where the varying shades of the crystal-clear sea will leave a tangible memory in the hearts of visitors. In the summer season, there is time to stop for a dip into the enticing waters while in low season our boat excursion continues to the spa of Santa Cesarea Terme, a place famous for its sea rich in sulphur.

Service includes:
Boat rental with a skipper
Visit to caves, aperitifs and swimming

Cost: from 2 to 4 people €170,00 - from 5 to 8 people € 220,00
Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English