Vespa tour from Otranto to Castro

Tenuta Centoporte

Otranto is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, and the Adriatic coastal road leading to Castro is one of the most exciting routes for a Vespa tour. Let yourself be guided by our tour leader in discovering this unforgettable view of Salento.
During your stay in Otranto, a city protected by UNESCO and surrounded by its imposing medieval walls, a scooter tour is a must, allowing riders to discover some of the most striking territories of the region. The Martyrs Church is one of the most historically significant buildings in the area, the theatre of the martyrdom of 800 Otranto locals, carried out by Turkish pirates in 1480. The building stands on the hill of Minerva and retains a 16th century canvas created by Lavinio Zoppo depicting the Strait of Otranto. A small chapel preserves the stone on which the martyrs were decapitated.
Upon leaving the church and its violent history, you will be stunned by the colours and perfume of the Salento countryside, whose beauty culminates in the wonderful red lake, formed in an ancient bauxite quarry. After the area was abandoned, nature slowly took hold across the natural space, creating an incredible show of colour: the green of the muddy waters with the intense red of the bauxite, which in turn produces a clear contrast with the blue of the sea ​​and sky. After a relaxing break, head for another extremely suggestive natural area: the Bay of Orte, a location characterized by jagged coastline and a low cliff leading to the most crystal-clear sea in ​​Salento. From the wildest of the Otrantine beaches, protected by the bay, you can see the Lighthouse of Punta Palascia, the most easternmost point in Italy and a spectacular place, with the lighthouse overlooking the promontory across the coastline.
Continuing along the road leading to Santa Maria di Leuca, we find one of the most popular places in the area, Porto Badisco. According to tradition, Enea's first landing in Italy was Porto Badisco, perfectly described by Virgil. The culinary tradition of the resort is particularly linked to sea urchins - difficult to resist!
After a well-deserved gourmet stop, heading southward you arrive in Santa Cesarea Terme and Porto Miggiano, the first rich in architecture of great artistic value, such as Villa Sticchi and the Church of the Sacred Heart, the second of note due to the tower of the same name and for its topography, rich in ravines and cliffs that give it a wild feel. The last stop on the tour must be that of Grotta Zinzulusa, whose name comes from the term "zinzuli", or the limestone formations that characterize it. The three cavities are pervaded by clear, cold waters and have significant prehistoric graffiti.

Service includes:
Scooter Rental, Tour Leader, Maps of Salento and Otranto.


DURATION: 4/6 HOURS Departure from Tenuta Centoporte

2 participants with 1 scooter (minimum): € 180,00
2 participants with 2 scooters: € 240,00
4 participants with 2 scooters: € 300,00

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English
With Italian/Spanish tour guide (in place of Tour Leader) + € 80.00