Between Otranto and Giurdignano

Tenuta Centoporte

Otranto, the ancient Hydrontus (by the rivulet Idro - Hydruntum which flows into the harbor) is the extreme eastern tip of Italy.
Bathed by a fruitful and generous sea, the city offers visitors beautiful landscapes, from the bay of Alimini to Porto Badisco, the legendary landing of Aeneas.
Among Byzantine crypts and Moorish palaces, between impregnable fortresses and cannon balls ( become by now ornaments of ancient houses courtyards) , it consumes the memory of ancient vestiges unforgotten torments, all under the beautiful setting of a cobalt blue sea and a warm light, strong like the sirocco, brother of Otranto, which erodes the towers and smells avenues. Comprising several churches and monuments, the city is divided between the ancient village, surrounded by fortified walls, and the new city.

is a beautiful town of ancient origins. An elective place of the Italian-Greek monks who left here valuable evidence of their living, it had already been a Roman colony, as evidenced by the remains of a imperial age necropolis from the II - III century a.C.
A place rich of folk traditions, it is also one of the most important sites where Megalithic findings were discovered; in fact many are the dolmens and menhirs in the area especially in the one called : "megalithic yard".