Cooking Class

Tenuta Centoporte


An authentic experience not to be missed at Tenuta Centoporte, a concept designed for those who love food, travel and cultural exchange between people of different languages ​​and cultures.
In the preparation of our dishes, inspiration is found in the fresh ingredients that each season offers, making full use of “zero-kilometre” ingredients wherever possible.
If you love vegetarian cooking, you can count on traditional Salento, essentially peasant, cuisine, where legumes, cereals, vegetable and, of course, pasta and bread play an essential role. In producing the latter, we only use native local flours.
The time spent together is not only a simple “cooking lesson”, but a memory, an experience to pack away and take home with you.

The service includes:
Preparation of typical handmade pasta

Preparation of Apulian dish

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English, German
Cost: €80,00 per person, minimum of 2 participants