Music therapy

Harmonic Sound Bath with Tibetan Bells
Experiencing the “sound bath” with Tibetan bells means stimulating the individual and rediscovering your identity by getting in touch with the regressive function that sound possesses.
Any kind of energy blockage, be it physical, mental or emotional, can be treated with sound. Sound creates waves on different frequencies, resonating through harmonics and realigning energy on whichever level it is blocked. This is why it acts both on the symptoms as well as on their origin. Sound reaches levels and places that the intellect cannot reach: the body, mind and feelings react when the message of harmony arrives, tuning in to that frequency and restoring calm, peace and balance. When we allow sound to flow in this way, our being recognizes its natural rhythms, that lost Kingdom to which it is possible to return, harmonizing with our inner-self and with the natural order that surrounds us.
The massage takes place lying down, either on the ground or on a bed, with the body dressed and possibly covered by a towel. Bells of different sizes are used which, placed on the areas requiring treatment, are made to ring by striking them or rubbing them with a wooden or leather stick. It works both for the back and the front of the body. The result is a regenerating “sound shower” that circulates throughout the body and allows for intensely personal energy.

Yoga Sound Meditation

This particular meditation technique focuses on breathing exercises and posture while particular ancestral sounds and melodies fill the environment, helping you relax both mind and body.

You should let go and try to focus your attention on breathing and on the melody around you until your breathing is synchronized with the sounds.

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