A journey to discover an authentic Puglia

We want to make your stay unique. Experiences are the most important part of any journey. One of the reasons we organize special evening events is so that you too can experience Puglia as if it were your home.

Cooking Class

An authentic experience at Tenuta Centoporte, perfect for those who love food, travel and exchange between people, languages ​​and cultures. We are inspired by the raw materials that the season offers in the preparation of our dishes, always searching for the best zero-kilometre ingredients.
If you love vegetarian cuisine, just rely on traditional, essentially peasant, Salento gastronomy, where along with vegetables, legumes, cereals, pasta and bread obviously play a critical role, for which we only use indigenous locally-produced flour.
The time spent together is not just a simple “cooking class”, but a memory, an experience to pack and take home with you.

The experience includes:

Harmonic Sound Bath with Tibetan Bells

Experiencing the “sound bath” with Tibetan bells means stimulating the individual and rediscovering your identity by getting in touch with the regressive function that sound possesses.

Any kind of energy blockage, be it physical, mental or emotional, can be treated with sound. Sound creates waves on different frequencies, resonating through harmonics and realigning energy on whichever level it is blocked. This is why it acts both on the symptoms as well as on their origin. Sound reaches levels and places that the intellect cannot reach: the body, mind and feelings react when the message of harmony arrives, tuning in to that frequency and restoring calm, peace and balance. When we allow sound to flow in this way, our being recognizes its natural rhythms, that lost Kingdom to which it is possible to return, harmonizing with our inner-self and with the natural order that surrounds us.


Yoga Sound Meditation

his particular meditation technique focuses on breathing exercises and posture while particular ancestral sounds and melodies fill the environment, helping you relax both mind and body.

You should let go and try to focus your attention on breathing and on the melody around you until your breathing is synchronized with the sounds.

Yoga Sound Meditation is ideal for achieving deep relaxation, relieving stress, improving flexibility, improving vitality and a general level of health and well-being. Exercises are performed on the ground on a comfortable mattress.

Comfortable clothing that is light and loose enough to allow for comfortable mobility of the limbs and free flow of energy are recommended.

Those who live in the wonderful Salento peninsula always dreamof conveying all of the beauty that the peninsula has to offer to travellers and guests: its history, culture, traditions, folklore, gastronomy, hospitality and nature.

All of these are found wrapped up in one of the most important things that Salento and Otranto have to offer:

The beauty of The Sea

Crystalline, limpid, clean, transparent.

Fabrizio from Tortuga Boat Excursions, based in Otranto, has for several years been setting sail and treating guests to a boating experience taking in the secrets and inlets that this incredible coastline has to offer

Otranto Boat Experience

Tasting at the Orchard

In this traditional garden, protected by sixteenth-century fortified walls, we offer a tasting of cured Puglia meats and cheeses including capocollo di Martina, caciocavallo podolico, raw ham from Faeto, pallone from Gravina, donkey sausage, pecorino canestrato and more.
Our cellar is at your disposal as we offer two glasses of the most important wines from our local region: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Susumaniello, Nero di Troia, Minutolo and more.

The area around Otranto is perhaps the best-preserved part of Salento. Travelling up the Idro valley, you will visit an ancient Byzantine crypt, and stop at the “le Costantine” Foundation where the art of traditional weaving is practiced.

We will cut through the “megalithic garden” of Giurdignano, dotted with Dolmens and Menhirs. Tasting lunch at one of the best bakeries in the province in Specchia Gallone.

In the early afternoon we will reach Porto Badisco.

Returning to Otranto towards sunset along one of the most beautiful stretches of the coast, the tour concludes with a visit to the Punta Palascìa lighthouse and the bauxite lake.

Bike excursions

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